Tailift’s newly launched, ES23, AC Servo drive and numerical control technology. Featured with HIGH SPEED, HIGH PRECISION, ENERGY SAVING, AND LOW NOISE. Equipped over-load protection, ES23 is an effective implement for thinner sheet metal. ES23 combined with processing abilities of PUNCHING, FORMING, ROLLER FORMING AND TAPPING,  an all-in-one machine. The integration assembly reduces floor space requirements effectively. LOW ELECTRICITY CONSUMPTION, ENERGY-SAVING, ELIMINATING THE HYDRAULIC . This ECO friendly product is the major milestone for Tailift’s R&D.



    • Supporting Ball Set
    • Anti-vibration Foot Mounts
    • Sheet Distortion Sensor
    • Heavy-duty Clamp
    • Die Holder Brush
    • Repositioning Cylinder


    • CAD/CAM Software
    • Tapping System
    • Hard brush Table
    • Block Lowering Device
    • Independent Control Cabin