Tailift newly launched,LS29, AC Servo drive and numerical control technology. Featured with high speed, high precision,energy saving, and loe noise. Equipped over-load protection, LS29  is an effective implement for thinner sheet metal.
    LS29 combined with processing abilities of punching, forming, roller cutting and tapping, an all-in-one machine. Thr integration assEmbly reduces floor space requirements effectivelu. Low avarage electrivity consumption, energy-saving,elminating the hydraulic, This ECO friendly product is the major milestone for Tailift R&D.


    AC servo electric system

    LS29 equipped with high efficient AC Servo motor with single servo crank type punch head assembly without flywheel which results in high precision, Low noise and power consumption is only half of hydraulic models. No need of hydraulic oil and worry about environmental issues. High punching speed reduces the production time and ensure cost down.

    Closed O Shape Frame Structure

    High Rigidity & High Stability

    The closed O shape frame structure is analyzed by the “Finite Element Analysis” software to simulate stress / strain conditions, enables the optimal structure design.

    High Tensile Strength Steel Construction

    The machine frame is welded by high tensile strength steel, which is subject to high tensile strength tests, normalization treatment and vibration stress relief so as to ensure the machine assembling accuracy.

    Transient State Analysis
    Static Analysis
    Model Analysis
    Transient State Analysis