• Tailift built-in operation interface.
    • By Optical fiber transmission to achieve Nano Interpolation, Highest-Performance, High Speed, High Accuracy ,High Quality.
    • High Efficiency : High Cutting Speed, Cost Effect, Faster Investment Recovery.
    • Low Wear Down : High Thickness Sheets Processing.
    • Low cutting gas consumption : Stainless Steel Sheets can processed by air also.
    • Low Energy Consumption and Eco-friendly : Power Consumption is 20%-30% of Co2 Laser Cutting Machine.
    • Low Maintenance Cost : no adjustments of light path, no mirror.
    • Closed Frame Base with Gantry Type (Dual-Drive) Integrated Servo Control System to Increase Working Speed and Efficiency.
    • Double Working Table Saves Loading/Unloading Time and Increase Productivity.
    • High Cutting Speed at Thin Sheets and Stable Cutting at thick sheets.
    • Full Covered Machine Body with OD6+ Fiber Protection Safety Glass Window Ensure the Operator Safety and Effectively controls the Laser Radiation in the Environments, Good Light Probation.
    • Dust Collection System with Divided Areas: The machine is equipped with a fully enclosed splash guard for optimal machining safety. An automatic dust collection system collects dusts and waste gases in divided areas during cutting operation, ensuring a pollution-free working environment.


    Model Unit FL2000
    Movement method   3xes simultaneausly controlled
    Control method   FANUC NC:31i-LB
    Machining range(X*Y) mm 3050*1525
    Travel(X*Y*Z) mm 3100*1550*100
    Machining speed  m/min (MAX)1t=28m/min(Stainless Steel)
    Feed rate m/min 170
    Acceleration   2G
    Min.positioning accuracy(X/Y) mm 0.05/500
    Repeatability accuracy mm ±0.02
    Power sorece   AC 3 ph. 4wires 380V 50Hz
    Power supply KVA  74
    Wave length of laser nm 1070±10
    Laser soure position   Beside the machine
    Laser head   Automatic focus pre-adjustment cutting head
    Focusing distance for laser head   F125
    Mixed gas for resonator   Depends on resonator specif.
    Auxiliary gas for cutting   Oxygen 10bar ; Nitrogen 25bar
    Table type   Hydraulic lifting system
    Pallet change time s 30
    Max.workpiece load  kg 600
    Machining accuracy mm 894*4790*2700
    Approx.machine weight ton 12.05
    Cutting Capacity chart   Sheet metal thickness
    Mild Steel mm 12
    Stainless Steel mm 6
    Aluminum mm 6
    Copper mm 3
    Brass mm 4



    Sample Carbon steel Carbon steel High reflective material
    Model FL2000 / FL3000
    Product Machinery support Machine body cover part Metal Gasket
    Material 10mm Carbon steel 6mm Carbon steel 3mm brass
    Assistive Gas Oxygen Oxygen Nitrogen
    • High reflective material : stainless steel, Aluminum, copper, brass.