Tailift introduces the TL1515C Laser Sheet and Tube Compound Cutting Machine, a game-changer in the field of precision laser cutting. This precision laser cutting machine is designed to cater to the dual purposes of pipe and sheet metal cutting, combining efficiency, user-friendliness, and high safety standards into a compact design. With its intuitive operation interface, users can quickly draw, typeset, and commence cutting without the need for external third-party software, making it an ideal solution for businesses looking to streamline their operations and reduce costs.

    High Precision and Efficiency in Every Laser Cutting

    The TL1515C stands out for its high precision and efficiency, attributes critical in the competitive landscape of metal fabrication. Our precision laser cutter is engineered to handle the complex geometries of parts with unparalleled accuracy, thanks to its gantry-type bilateral drive and integrated servo control system. This system not only enhances processing efficiency but also ensures low operating costs by utilizing compressed air for stainless steel cutting—eliminating nitrogen consumption and promoting environmental sustainability. The machine's design negates the need for optical path adjustments, offering a maintenance-free solution that simplifies supply demands.

    Tailored Solutions for Diverse Cutting Needs

    Our high precision laser cutting machine is equipped with advanced positioning system for high-speed, accurate cuts, and a long service life without the need for part replacements. The machine's multiple laser operation modes ensure superior incision quality and efficiency across a wide range of materials. With automatic positioning, focusing, and detection, our machine guarantees high production yields and the flexibility to handle the tolerances of diverse products.

    Whether you're concerned about the tolerances your parts require, the production costs, or the versatility needed for your applications, the TL1515C Laser Sheet and Tube Compound Cutting Machine from Tailift offers a solution. As a leading supplier of industrial precision laser cutting machines in Taiwan, we are committed to providing our customers with super precision, ultra-speed cutting, and a stable platform design. Contact us to discover more possibilities our precision laser cutter can bring to your manufacturing processes now.


    Description Unit TL-1515C
    Pipe processing size mm TubeΦ15-φ150;L=1500(15≤Square tube side length≤105)
    Plane cutting range(L×H) mm 1500×1500
    Laser Power W 1000;2000;3000
    Resonator   IPG;nLIGHT
    Positioning accuracy mm ±0.03
    Repeatability accuracy mm ±0.02
    Maximum axis movement speed m/min 70
    Maximum axis acceleration m/s² 0.8G
    Chuck maximum speed r/min 100
    Maximum cutting speed m/min 25
    Maximum cutting capacity mm Stainless steel 6   carbon steel 12   aluminum 5   brass 5   紅銅 3
    auto focus   Adjustment range -10mm ~ +10mm,Can memorize the focal length of different plates.
    Dimensions(LxWxH) mm 3000*2200*2100mm
    Controller   CYPCUT