Easy to operation interface  user friendly, high safety of full cover, dual-purpose for pipe cutting/sheet cutting, small area
    Intuition operation does not require external third-party software, and can directly draw and typeset, and get started quickly

    High efficiency, fast cutting speed, low operating cost, gantry type bilateral drive, integrated servo control system, higher processing efficiencylow loss
    Using compressed air as stainless steel cutting, no nitrogen consumption, environmental protection and low energy consumption.
    There is no need to adjust the optical path, no reflective lenses, and basically maintenance-free. The design of single table simplifies the demand for supply.


    Description Unit TL-1515C
    Pipe processing size mm TubeΦ15-φ150;L=1500(15≤Square tube side length≤105)
    Plane cutting range(L×H) mm 1500×1500
    Laser Power W 1000;2000;3000
    Resonator   IPG;nLIGHT
    Positioning accuracy mm ±0.03
    Repeatability accuracy mm ±0.02
    Maximum axis movement speed m/min 70
    Maximum axis acceleration m/s² 0.8G
    Chuck maximum speed r/min 100
    Maximum cutting speed m/min 25
    Maximum cutting capacity mm Stainless steel 6   carbon steel 12   aluminum 5   brass 5   紅銅 3
    auto focus   Adjustment range -10mm ~ +10mm,Can memorize the focal length of different plates.
    Dimensions(LxWxH) mm 3000*2200*2100mm
    Controller   CYPCUT