◆Each time is 0.2 seconds high speed, low power consumption, simple automatic operation.
    ◆Applicable to the wide range of materials,compatible with various loading and unloading methods.
    ◆Tailift wisdom of exclusive software, easy to operate smoothly.
    ◆Cloud management and maintenance, real-time monitoring of operation.
    ◆The daily maintenance is simple and low cost.
    ◆Without making molds, free to design complex shapes and production at any time.
    ◆The 13 axes move simultaneously, the bending movement is smooth, and the operation is highly coordinated.


    Specification unit TBC1400
    Minimum accuracy mm 0.01
    Fastest bending speed sec  0.5sec秒/each刀 
    Maximum bending width mm  1400
    Maximum bending size mm 1400x1250mm
    Bending height mm 170mm
    Rated voltage V 380V
    Peak power
    KW 16KW
    Average power KW 1.5KW
    Noise dB  40dB
    Dimensions(LxWxH) cm  330 x 190 x 280
    Total weight tons 10
    Operating environment
    windows 7 up ad
    Maximum bending thickness mm  SS 1.0mm
    Minimum material thickness mm 0.35mm
    Minimum inner size of four sides forming mm 110mm x 280mm
    Minimum inner size of bilateral forming mm 110mm
    Number of axes